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Primary Purpose: 

Responsible for facilitating Annual, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) meetings and completion of required ARD paperwork. Monitor implementation of individualized education plans (IEP) and facilitate communication with parent and staff.


Bachelor’s degree
Special Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
Knowledge of state and federal laws for educating students with disabilities
Understanding of the individual needs of students with disabilities
Ability to communicate effectively with parents and staff 
Ability to implement policies and procedures
Ability to interpret data
Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
3 years of teaching students with disabilities and participation in ARD meetings

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Program Management

1.       Schedules or assist in scheduling ARD meetings and assist with establishing an agenda, setting the time allotted for the meeting, and establishing a set of guidelines for the meeting.

2.       Facilitate ARD committee discussions using facilitation techniques to help the committee members communicate and collaborate effectively. Ensure each committee member has an opportunity to participate, resolve disagreements that arise, and keep the committee on task.

3.       Ensure federal and state timelines are met with respect to functions of the ARD committee meetings.

4.       Implement and maintain systematic communication between special and general education personnel with respect to ARD meetings and decisions, Individual Education Plans (IEPs), student accommodations, and instructional concerns and progress.

5.       Support student achievement ensuring delivery of special education curriculum and instruction according to the IEP of individual students. 

6.       Ensure student progress is evaluated on a regular, systematic basis, and findings are used to make decisions to improve program effectiveness as it relates to specific student needs. Offer and implement changes when warranted. 

7.       Collaborate with teacher to address student achievement deficiencies focusing resources, materials, and technology to promote satisfactory classroom performance. Encourage and support the development of innovative instructional programs.

8.       Assist in monitoring the instructional process to ensure program activities are aligned with desired outcomes and IEP.

Instructional Support

9.       Support the district’s student management policies and expectations for student behaviors related to the special education program. 

10.   Use coaching skills to support staff, build capacity, and provide technical assistance.

11.   Provide orientation to new staff on procedures for effective implementation of the campus ARD process. 

Communication and Community Relations

12.   Establish and maintain a positive relationship with principals, teachers, staff, and parents by supporting innovation and efforts in educating students with disabilities.

13.   Serve as parent liaison in matters pertaining to student assessment, program eligibility, and IEPs.

14.   Articulate the district’s mission and goals in the area of special education and solicit support in realizing the mission.

Policy, Reports, and Law

15.   Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents as required.

16.   Comply with policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and local board policy in the area of special education. Make recommendations to improve program effectiveness.


17.   Follow district safety protocols and emergency procedures 

Supervisory Responsibilities: